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Ok, so I have this tube problem (ask my wife if you have any doubts). I'm seriously into most anything that has vacuum tubes including Antique Radios, Tube Audio Gear, Boatanchors etc.

Please bookmark which will always direct to my current site.

Please let me know of any broken links, missing pictures etc

FULL manuals for all of the vintage Dynaco tube products are now online! See the below link


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I do try to answer most email in a timely fashion. I am a hobbiest, and do not usually sell tubes - please see the vendors on my "links" for several suggestions. I'm often interested in buying tubes or related parts - please send along a list of what you might have. I also try and answer technical questions as best I can as my time allows.

Because of agressive spam filtering, I do miss some email - if I don't respond in a timely fashion please resend the message using standard text (not html) using an appropriate subject line.

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